4GV UN Boxes (Variation)

4GV UN Boxes

4GV UN boxes (or 4GV boxes) are combination packages designed to contain a variety of inner containers. When inner containers are assembled inside a 4GV box according to packing instructions, they form a compliant UN specification package. Our growing stock of 4GV box sizes can accommodate many different inner containers, in various quantities, sizes & weights. Whatever product and container you're looking to ship, we have you covered. All our 4GV boxes are X-rated ➤ UN tested for dangerous goods in packing groups I, II, & III; and suitable to hold articles, solids, and liquid dangerous goods (in inner packaging). All 4GV packaging systems are suitable for ground, air, and marine transport. 4GV boxes comply with TDG, 49 CFR, IMDG Code, IATA, & ICAO TI transport regulations. 4GV boxes are particularly popular for air shipments of liquids, where absorbent material & liner bags act as fail-safe features against increased handling in transit. Beyond being IATA approved, 4GV packaging components are sometimes required when shipping dangerous goods on major carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, Cathay Pacific, etc. Due to this versatility, 4GV UN boxes are the preferred UN packaging system for many shippers of dangerous goods.
Ideal for:
  • articles, solids, and liquids in packing group I, II, or III
  • lab/QC samples
  • odd-shaped containers
  • fragile/glass containers
  • liquids requiring fortified packaging
  • infrequent shipments
Don’t see the 4GV box size you’re looking for? → Perhaps a custom UN box or 4G UN box is right for you.
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Item Code UN Packaging Code Size (L x W x H) Max. Gross Weight (kg) Packing Instructions (PDF)
BX-3 4GV / X7.7 / S 9 ¼ X 9 ¼ X 9 ⅜" 7.7 Packing Instructions
BX-8 4GV / X4.1 / S 7 ⅞ X 7 ⅞ X 13 ½" 4.1 Packing Instructions
BX-9 4GV / X11.7 / S 10 ⅞ X 10 ⅞ X 14 ½″ 11.7 Packing Instructions
BX-10 4GV / X15.8 / S 12 X 12 X 16" 15.8 Packing Instructions
BX-11 4GV / X2.6 / S 6 ¾ X 6 ¾ X 9" 2.6 Packing Instructions
BX-12 4GV / X39.4 / S 20 X 20 X 20" 39.4 Packing Instructions
BX-13 4GV / X10.7 / S 13 X 13 X 13" 10.7 Packing Instructions
BX-15 4GV / X16.5 / S 15 X 15 X 15" 16.5 Packing Instructions
BX-17 4GV / X11.8 / S 16 X 11 ¼ X 9 " 11.8 Packing Instructions
BX-18 4GV / X28.6 / S 18 X 18 X 18" 28.6 Packing Instructions
BX-19 4GV / X10.1 / S 11 X 11 X 11 ½" 10.1 Packing Instructions
BX-20 4GV / X19.2 / S 24 X 15 X 11" 19.2 Packing Instructions
BX-21H 4GV / X22.7 / S 21 X 11 ¾ X 17 ¼" 22.7 Packing Instructions
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