WHMIS 2015 Labels

WHMIS 2015 requires all hazardous products to be appropriately labelled. These labels serve to notify workers of associated hazards and safety precautions one should take. There are two main types of labels:

- Supplier Labels
- Workplace Labels

WHMIS 2015 Supplier Labels

WHMIS 2015 supplier labels must contain the following elements:

Product identifier โ€“ name of hazardous product, as reflected on (M)SDS [can be a chemical name, common or brand name, generic name or trade name]

Pictogram(s) โ€“ applicable hazard symbols within red diamond

Signal word โ€“โ€˜Dangerโ€™ or โ€˜Warningโ€™ to describe the severity of hazard posed by a controlled product.

Precautionary statement(s) โ€“ standardized phrases describing safety measures, including use of PPE, handling & storage information for hazardous product

Supplier identifier โ€“ name, address and phone number of either Canadian manufacturer or importer

Supplemental label information โ€“ some additional information is required, depending on classification of the product

WHMIS Supplier label, WHMIS Workplace label

WHMIS 2015 Workplace Labels

WHMIS 2015 workplace labels contain condensed information, for handling of hazardous products at the workplace. Workplace labels can take on a variety of formats, but they must contain the following elements:

The product identifier (name)
Safe handling information
A reference to the SDS

Note that provincial jurisdiction may mandate slightly different WHMIS workplace label requirements


New hazard symbols & phrases on WHMIS 2015 labels are extracted from a WHMIS 2015 compliant (Material) Safety Data Sheet for your hazardous product. (M)SDS authoring and WHMIS label design therefore go hand-in-hand. Allow us to guide you through your WHMIS SDS & labelling requirements. Upward Packaging offers comprehensive support from start to finish. Whether you need a completely new SDS or just an updated 16-part SDS to comply with WHMIS 2015 requirements โ€“ we have you covered. With your input we will carry out the following, as necessary:

โ€“ WHMIS 2015 (M)SDS Authoring/updates
โ€“ WHMIS Supplier & Workplace label design
โ€“ Label quotes
โ€“ Manufacturing & delivery of finished product

Generic WHMIS Workplace Labels

whmis workplace generic label

WHMIS 2015 Workplace label (PACE)

Material Vinyl
Item Code LB-WM34
Dimensions 76 mm x 101.6 mm (3โ€ณ x 4โ€ณ)
Quantity per roll 500


Material Vinyl Vinyl
Item Code LB-WM36 LB-WM48
Dimensions 76 mm x 152 mm (3โ€ณ x 6โ€ณ) 102 mm x 203 mm (4โ€ณ x 8โ€ณ)
Quantity per roll 500 500
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