TDG Training

TDG 100 is the essential TDG training course for those involved in the transportation of dangerous goods in Canada.  The course serves as both an introduction for first-time attendees, as well as a thorough refresher for those who need re-certification.  TDG 100 details the responsibilities held by both employer & employee as set out in the Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Regulations.  Transportation by ground is the focus - air and marine modes are covered thoroughly in additional dangerous goods training classes.

To book an in-house TDG training class, or to register for one of our public dates below, please contact us.

Prerequisite: NONE

Topics covered:

  • Training requirements
  • Enforcement
  • Classification & Identification
  • Schedule 1
  • Schedule 2, exemptions, & special cases
  • ERAP requirements
  • Packaging
  • Safety Marks (marking/labeling & placarding)
  • Documentation
  • Reporting

Each attendee must have a current copy of the TDG Regulations

Course Location & Details:

Upward Packaging Inc
180 - 3771 Jacombs Road
Richmond, BC  V6V 2L9.

Courses run from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Each attendee must have a current copy of the TDG Regulations

Payment is required prior to attendance.

Cancellation Policy –
Two weeks prior notice must be given for a full refund. Late cancellations subject to a charge of 50% of the course fee

In the event of a course cancellation, Upward Packaging Inc.'s sole responsibility is to refund or reschedule the course at our discretion. Upward Packaging Inc. assumes no responsibility for travel or other expenses incurred.