UN Single Packaging – Drums, Jerricans & IBCs

UN Single Packaging – Drums, Jerricans & IBCs

UN Packaging designed to solely contain dangerous goods. No inner packagings are required for a single packaging to perform its containment function; dangerous goods are therefore in direct contact with UN single packagings bearing the UN packaging code. Examples of UN single packaging:

We stock a variety of UN single packaging: closed head (1A1) and open head (1A2) steel UN drums; lined & unlined steel UN drums also available with an assortment of closures.  HDPE Plastic (1H2) UN drums and solvent-barrier (3H1) UN plastic jerricans are also available in a range of sizes for both solid & liquid dangerous goods.  Our selection of UN drums, IBCs, & UN jerricans comply with applicable regulations - TDG, 49 CFR, IMDG Code, IATA, & ICAO.

More information on UN packaging: UN Packaging FAQ

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