UN Boxes

4GV UN Boxes

4GV UN boxes (or 4GV boxes) are special 4G UN packaging where an outer package can be filled with a variety of (untested) inner packages. The manufacturer’s packing instructions must be followed for the UN certification to be valid. All 4GV boxes are X-rated for solids & liquids in packing groups I, II, & III. 4GV boxes provide flexibility for those who:

♦ ship a variety of dangerous goods
♦ have dangerous goods in uncommon or varying sizes
♦ ship samples of hazardous materials for QC/testing
♦ ship dangerous goods infrequently

4G UN Boxes

4G UN boxes (or 4G boxes) are UN packaging systems which includes specific inner packages contained within a single outer box. The outer package bears the UN packaging code, which remains valid provided the box is assembled in the same way it was during testing – ie. the exact type/number of inner packages need be assembled inside the outer package as per the packing instruction.

Custom UN boxes

Custom UN boxes are designed to accommodate the size and quantity of your specific inner packagings. A custom UN box is the most efficient way to transport your dangerous goods. Custom 4G boxes are typically viable for those who:

♦ ship dangerous goods in high volumes
♦ ship dangerous goods in standardized inner packaging
♦ want to reduce intermediate packaging and gross shipping weights
♦ want branded UN packaging

Limited Quantity boxes

Limited quantity boxes (or LTD QTY boxes) are designed & pre-marked for shipments of limited quantities of dangerous goods by ground or marine transport. These LTD QTY shipments do not require UN boxes / UN packaging [provided inner packages meet volume criteria set out in applicible regulations (TDG & IMDG Code)] .

Biological packaging

Biological packaging is designed for shipments of UN3373, Biological Substances, Category ‘B’ & exempt specimens. Our Category B packaging is TDG & IATA approved for gound and air shipments of laboratory/patient samples. Category B Kits come complete with:

  • absorbent pouches to separate primary fragile receptacles
  • self-seal 95 kPa secondary bag
  • cushioning material
  • box, pre-printed with required markings for Cat B & exempt specimens
  • Assembled Category B kits meet:

  • TDG & CGSB 1B container requirements for ground shipments
  • IATA PI 650 packaging requirements, for air shipments (ICAO)
  • IMDG Code packaging requirements for marine shipments.
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    4G & 4GV UN Boxes

    4GV UN Boxes

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    4G UN Boxes

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    Other Fibreboard Boxes

    Limited Quantity

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    Limited Quantity


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    Custom UN Boxes

    Custom UN Boxes

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