Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air – 55th Ed. IATA DGR

lithium battery label, UN3480 section II label

Shipping Lithium Batteries

The 54th IATA DGR saw the expansion of packing instruction 965 & 968 in 2013, to include section I, section IB, & section II batteries.  This year there have been more changes adopted by the 55th Edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.  Minor clarifications have been made to classification and packaging requirements for section II batteries in PI 965 (lithium ion batteries) & PI 968 (lithium metal batteries).  The most significant changes have been made to shipments of section IB lithium batteries –

Shipments of section IB lithium ion batteries and section IB lithium metal batteries will now require a shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods (DGD).  The declaration needs to indicate the gross weight of the packages; additionally, ‘IB’ must be included either after the packing instruction or in the authorization section (example).

All other requirements under 965 IB & 968 IB are still applicable, including class 9 and lithium battery labels & additional documentation indicating the following:

• The package contains lithium ion/metal cells or batteries (as appropriate)
• The package must be handled with care. A flammability hazard exists if the package is damaged.
• If this package is damaged in transportation, it must not be loaded until the condition of the contents can be verified. The batteries contained in this package must be inspected for damage and may only be repacked if they are intact and protected against short circuits.
• For more information about the batteries in this package, call the following telephone number: _______________

A 3 month transition period has been granted until March 31st, 2014.  Within this period shippers may still comply with the 54th (2013) IATA DGR (info can appear on the AWB instead of a shipper’s declaration).

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